Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My New Blog Address


You may be reading this blog because you found the address on one of my bookmarks or pamphlets. Thanks. If you notice I haven't updated this blog for a good while, it's because I am now blogging on my website. It works so much better - all in one place. Now you can read my blog, find out about me and my books, order books or eBooks, etc. all in one place.

Please go to www.marlisday.com and read my most recent blogs. From now on, I hope to update every other Monday. I hope you'll bookmark the new blog and read it - maybe even tell friends about it.

My new book, Back to Bailey's Chase is now available in print and as an eBook. It's the sequel to The Secret of Bailey's Chase and appropriate for anyone 8-80. Oh, by the way, when you read my new blog, I'd love it if you'd leave a comment. Just click on Comments and a box will open at the bottom. Leave a message and then click "Post." I love to read them!

Thanks for reading new blog at www.marlisday.com

Love to all,

Marlis Day

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